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I am home, having arrived there on Wednesday night. With Mom and Little Sister on Thursday, and Older Brother on Friday, that's the whole family.

My vegetarianism is waning, and will soon end. I have in fact Taken An Oath that I will eat puerco pibil (note: stewed pork dish, thus not at all vegetarian) at the first opportunity. Coincidentally, Older Brother makes excellent puerco, and plans to do so in a matter of days.

It's been an interesting experiment. I have accomplished the Primary Objective of the experiment, which was to disabuse myself of the notion that meat is a necessity. Now it's just an eventuality :-). I had always subconsciously required my major meals to have a meat component. I have also accomplished the Secondary Objective: figure out what vegetarian life is like. I now have a better sense for what really constitutes a "vegetarian option", what it's like to only be able to eat one thing (or nothing!) on the menu, what it's like to be asked "Vegetarians eat fish, right?". I have partially accomplished some Tertiary Objectives: lose weight (a few lbs), save money (a few $), and boost my karma (a few nanoteresas). Among others.

I will certainly be eating significantly less meat than before, as well as taking note of it when I do, rather than taking it for granted. I think that's an accomplishment. (You might think I'm a flake; that's fine.)

I watched The Fisher King just now. It's a wonderful movie. It's got homeless people, Jeff Bridges, the Holy Grail, Robin Williams, and redemption. "I love New York in June...how 'bout you?"


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