Mar. 13th, 2007

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Going through a rough stretch right now.

OOPSLA submission deadline is in less than a week. I know that there's enough time to get this hunk of junk ready for submission, but it's difficult to summon the motivation to work on the project that I enjoy the least out of my entire spectrum of possible projects. This is a recurring theme: I have plenty of motivation and excitement to work on some potentially fruitful project, but I can't, because I'm too busy being saddled by "more important", or at least more immediate, obligations. The tyranny of the immediate strikes again.

In the meantime, in that spare time that I don't technically have any of, I still need to finish the host pairings for GradFest, send out announcements, and look for a couple more hosts to ease the squeeze. I do like being involved in GradFest, and it's important to me that this come together smoothly, but it's a nontrivial undertaking.

On the plus side, the weather has been wet, stormy, and wonderful for the past few days. Even got some lightning and a bit of hail earlier today. "Damp bright green" is among my most beloved colors; it's that vibrant green of wet leaves or wet grass cast against dark, damp dirt or wet tree bark. And there's a lot of it to be seen now, since many of the trees have their spring leaves now, and the landscape is drenched.

However, nice as all this rain is, I do hope the weather clears up and warms up for the GradFest trip to Zilker next Saturday. It really hurts the weekend festivities when it's too cold or wet for hiking or canoeing.


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