Feb. 8th, 2007

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Gee whiz, I haven't updated in over two months.

I guess the classic problem I have with Livejournal is that when the interesting things are happening, they immediately present four impediments to making posts:

1) I often feel like the subject matter is too personal, even for a friends-only post, even for a close-friends-only post, or even to be on the internet at all (otherwise I might make personal posts and then open them up later).

2) When something intense is going on in my life, I don't really have the time or the motivation to talk about it because I'm using those resources to deal with the thing itself.

3) If I don't post about something immediately, because it would take too long or involve too much thought to lay it out, I sit on it. Then, if I want to post about it later, I'm stuck posting about it and everything else that happened since then, which I won't do, because that takes too long as well. By induction, I will either never post at all, or not post about these snowballed issues and just post something easy.

4) I often can't bring myself to post about something as it's going on, because I feel like I don't understand the situation yet. This dovetails nicely into (3).

In case you're theorizing about what these supposedly important things are:

No, I am still single. (Yes, you're right, that's not much of a surprise.)
No, I am still in grad school. (Yes, you're right, that's not much of a surprise either.)
No, no one I know has died, or even been seriously injured.

In fact, there's very little of external interest going on in my life at all. Most of the "news" has to do with long-running internal conflicts that many of you wouldn't understand even if I described them, because it's the sort of thing that only makes sense from the inside.


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